The original members of 23-2

                                                                    The original members of 23-2

On April 29, 2007, there were 30 CVMA members within the State of Texas. In actuality there were only 28 members in the State, but a misprint in the meeting minutes indicated there were 30 and the error was not discovered until after the minutes were accepted. Geographically, the membership was spread over a large part of Texas and it was decided to have McGregor, Texas as the central location for the meeting to form the first Texas chapter.

The first members included: Whiskey Joe, Vagabond, Scotty, Mustang, Poncho, Swamprat (now deceased), Cole, Preacher and Scooter. On a side note, Scooter was the newest member who had joined the chapter just two days prior. The first Auxiliary member was Sunshine who was present at that initial meeting.

As the 23rd formed state chapter, the new unit was designated as Chapter 23 and its’ designated city was Dallas, as most of the officers were from the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex. Scotty accepted the State Commander position, Preacher was Executive Officer (XO), and Cole was Sergeant At Arms. The Commander appointed Scooter as the Secretary and Whiskey Joe as the Treasurer. Pancho soon assumed the Treasurer duties. The membership was dispersed throughout Texas and the new members looked forward to increasing the members and expanding with new chapters and detachments. It was not too long before the membership grew sufficiently to form detachments.

Detachment 23-A, Central Texas, formed February 21, 2008, Commanded by Jim “Safety Jim” Sherril
Detachment 23-B, Houston, Texas, formed July 1, 2008, Commanded by David “Tracker” Schriber
Detachment 23-C, San Antonio, Texas, formed July 1, 2008, Commanded by Alton “Nightrider” Scott.
Detachment 23-D, El Paso, Texas, Formed December 31, 2008, Commanded by Gary “Daddy Reagan” Reagan

In 2009, there were enough members to change the El Paso Detachment into a Chapter and Chapter 23 was split into two chapters, 23-1 in Dallas and 23-2 in El Paso.

Detachment 23-C, San Antonio became a Chapter 23-3 on September 16, 2009.
Detachment 23-B became the Houston Chapter 23-4 on January 10, 2010.
The members in the Central Texas area formed Chapter 23-5 on February
23, 2010.
On August 27, 2011, the Chapter 23-1 again split into a chapter in Dallas and a chapter in Ft Worth. The Fort Worth Chapter was designated as 23-6.
Growth in the Austin area allowed for the formation of Chapter 23-7 on December 14, 2011.
The Coastal Bend Chapter was formed on June 4, 2012 and was designated
as Chapter 23-8.

Bryan/College Station (originally Det 23-4A) became Chapter 23-9 in January 2013.

July 2013, I-35 Central Texas was chartered as Chapter 23-10.

There are presently 2 detachments: 23-1A East Texas and 23-5A in San Angelo.

Chapter 23-1 formed the first Texas Auxiliary Chapter in August 2011.