General Information

We put together this general information so it can be handy for you while you attend the National Meeting. 

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Medical Assistance:

El Paso has a couple of state-of-the-art military hospitals locally.

·       William Beaumont Army Hospital located at 5005 N Piedras St, El Paso, TX 79920  

·       Veteran Administration hospital located at 5001 N. Piedras, El Paso, TX 79930 

         Located next to William Beaumont Army Hospital.

El Paso has several Level 1 Trauma hospitals within the city. 

·       The University Medical Center located at 4815 Alameda Ave., El Paso, TX 79905

(915) 544-1200 is the premier Hospital in El Paso. They welcome several insurance types and offer a state of the art emergency room. 

·      Sierra Providence Hospitals of El Paso is another hospital that offers several locations for assistance. The north east emergency location is 11380 Gateway Blvd. North, Suite 105-108 El Paso, TX 79934. 

For emergency assistance the following standard numbers apply:

·      Emergency assistance 911 (non-emergent-POLICE 915-832-4400)

·       Emergency assistance 911 (non-emergent-FIRE 915-485-5600)

·       Emergency assistance 911 (ALL POISON) 1-800-POISON-1

·      American Red Cross (915-592-0208)

·       Veteran crisis line (1-800-273-8255 press 1 for assistance)

More information can be found at the El Paso Emergency management website here:


SEE YOUR WRIST BAND (915-330-3883) ****





The average temperatures in El Paso, TX during the month of June is 98 degrees and a low of 68 degrees. The average precipitation is less than 1 inch in about 25% of the area. Typically the weather is desert like and sunny hot. There is very little humidity in the area. The average sunrise will be at 0600 and the sunset will typically be at 2013. Average wind is expected to be 8.9 mph gust with 90% out of the west. 


Here is an excellent resource for more information on weather:


Ft Bliss, Texas: 

El Paso is home of one of the largest military installations in the world, FT Bliss. You can find many services on Ft Bliss that you can find at just about any other military installation in the world. Ft Bliss also has a state of the art shopping area known as Ft Bliss Freedom Crossing. It is located just to the east side of the post. The shopping area has many places such as the PX of course, Under Armor, The Old Cigar Shop, AGACI, Game Stop, Restaurants and bars such as, Buffalo Wild Wings, World of Beer, Smash Berger, The Sushi Place, Chipotle, Texas Road House, Denys, Boston Market just to name a few. 

Ft Bliss Also has services such as barber shops, Class VI, Military clothing, beauty salons, and much more. Main Ft. Bliss also has services for Active duty service members, veterans, and families such as the civilian personnel office, ID card replacement, legal services, retirement services, and many other services that you may need during the week of the National Convention. Please see the host chapter for advice or directions. Ft. Bliss Information:


Fire Arms

El Paso, TX is an open carry city within the state of Texas. According to local laws, you are authorized to open carry a firearm while in Texas. You must be properly licensed and follow all federal, state and local laws within the state of Texas. 

There are establishment that are clearly marked as a 51% establishment. These establishments will be clearly marked at the entrance according to federal, state and local laws. Each individual is ultimately responsible to follow the law.

The El Paso Convention Center will be the location of the National meeting and several other meetings and functions. There is a strict **NO FIREARM** policy within the Convention Center Grounds due to the sale of Alcoholic beverages & spirits at the Convention Center grounds. Once you depart the grounds you are more than welcome to follow local law. There will be firearms vendors at the Convention Center however no ammunition will be sold, and no transactions will take place on the vendor floor. You must finalize purchases at an appropriate vendor store. 

Below is an excellent source for quick information about gun laws in Texas 

Gun Law information:


Local Motorcycle Coalition & Riding Protocol:


Here in El Paso, TX we have a very diverse motorcycle community. El Paso has a very thriving motorcycle coalition comprised of over 60 different motorcycle clubs, associations, motorcycle ministries, riding groups, veteran groups, and riding clubs. It is a very highly-populated independent riding community as well. 


Texas and El Paso has a dominant club known as the Bandidos MC that have chapters locally. They have a huge presence in this community (you will see them). Their colors are identified as Red & Gold and are internationally recognized as a 1% motorcycle club. The Combat Veterans motorcycle Association has a very good relationship with the dominant motorcycle club in El Paso. Standard motorcycle protocol is followed by all members of CVMA 23-2 in El Paso. Chapter 23-2 are dues paying members to our local Coalition of Clubs (COC). We respect the protocol here in El Paso. Protocol 101 typically covers interacting between motorcycle clubs in El Paso. 

We just want to offer some advice while riding here in El Paso. When riding past any motorcycle club it is frowned upon to “blow” by them without properly slowing down and acknowledging permission to pass or at least acknowledging them as an MC. It is frowned upon to wear red and white colors under a CVMA vest. It is frowned upon to wear white and red colors as hats, gloves, or footwear while riding in the El Paso community. 

The following establishments have a strict NO MC/VEST or COLORS allowed policy. This includes wearing patches or soft colors. They may allow CVMA with vests or soft colors, but it is HIGHLY FROWNED UPONand will be very disrespectfulto the COC and other organizations. 

Please do not wear CVMA vests or soft colors in these establishments even if they say it’s okay to do so.

·      Hooters

·      Twin Peaks

·      Ojos Locos

·      Three Pints Pub

·      Any Mulligans Bar

·      Gringo Theory Bar

·      Sunland Park Casino

·      The Rock House Bar & Grill

·      Handlebar Saloon

The bottom line is Protocol 101 applied in El Paso, TX. We have a great motorcycle community. The Coalition of Clubs here in El Paso, TX have been properly briefed by the TX 23-2 Chapter leadership and have expressed their excitement to see the CVMA have a successful and fun National Convention here in this great city.  

Here is a good Facebook site for local information:



Motorcycle Laws:

Texas is a very open-minded state when it comes to motorcycle laws. Below will be a link to Texas Laws that may apply to you. Here is some basic information we can tell you. 

·      It is your choice to wear a DOT helmet. There is no requirement for a rider above the age of 21 to wear a helmet. 

·      There is no requirement for anyone 21 years or older that has an approved safety course or $10,000 of liability insurance. 

·      Standard motorcycle laws apply within El Paso, TX. 

·      On Ft Bliss there IS a requirement to wear proper Personal Protective equipment by order of the Commanding General. There is no requirement to wear a reflective vest. 

Safety laws for riding a motorcycle in Texas: (


Travel to Juárez, México:

El Paso, Texas sits along the border of Juarez, Mexico. Travel into Mexico can be accessed through several ports of entry. It is very common for U.S. Citizens to travel across the border from El Paso. 

·      There is a standing order that U.S. Service members are not permitted travel into Mexico without proper Chain of Command approval while stationed at Ft. Bliss. 

·      If you decide to travel into Mexico, you will need a Current U.S. Government Issued Passport.

·      It is highly recommended that you inform family and friends of your itinerary at all times. 

·      Please review travel information prior to your travel in Mexico. 

·      Chapter 23-2 does have dual (English & Spanish) speaking members many of which travel to Mexico or have family there. Please talk to the host chapter for more details. 

·      Travel in Mexico is quite common for El Paso citizens. Incidents in this area have been significantly reduced within the past 6 years or so. 

·      With proper planning, travel into Mexico can be a fun, interesting, inexpensive experience and culturally enjoyable. 


The U.S. customs and border patrol has information at the below link.

·      U.S. Customs & Border Patrol info (Mexico):

U.S. Government State Department Travel Info (Mexico):